The Green Adventure from Chesterfield to Lake Saint Louis!

Are you tired of chasing after Cinderella(let’s call it “Canna-rella”) at the stroke of midnight? Desperate to find a dispensary near Lake Saint Louis, MO, offering the finest edibles Cottleville, MO? Well, then say ‘high’ to Codes! With high-quality products from our royal kingdom, your Canna-rella doesn’t need to turn into a pumpkin ever again!

From Chesterfield to Cottleville, our dispensaries are the true fairy godmothers of the green realm – waving a magical wand of premium cannabis-infused products to enchant your senses. Oh, and your glass slippers? Let’s upgrade those to a chill pair of flip-flops. Why sprint when you can stroll, amigo?

Whether you’re in our humble town of Lake Saint Louis or blazing trails around Chesterfield, we’ve got the goods – the ‘magic carpet rides’, the ‘munchie hacks’, and everything in between. And if edibles are your game, we’ve got the best in Cottleville. So come visit us! We promise – there won’t be any evil stepmothers, but what we can guarantee is a high-ly good time!