The High-Life in The Great Lakes State

While Michigan is known for its endless shorelines, unique lighthouses and blissful summer sunsets, what it’s not typically known for is its buzzing cannabis scene. But folks, times are a-changing!

Now, let’s introduce you to Pleasantrees – Michigan’s finest in cannabis retail and cultivation (no pun intended, well maybe just a little). Be warned, they don’t offer actual trees though! Their specialty is far more exciting and, let’s say it, a bit more rebellious!

Bored of your usual weekend routine? Why don’t you just switch it up with a jaunt through the Pleasantrees store. It’s just like Michigan itself, except instead of trees there are strains of cannabis. Instead of great lakes, there are seas of buds. And instead of lighthouses, there are beacons of quality cultivation to guide you through.

Pleasantrees is not just a retail store, it’s an experience. So the next time you’re wondering how else to enjoy Michigan’s never-ending beauty, remember, Pleasantrees has some alternate vistas for you to explore. Take a trip to Pleasantrees and see what the buzz is all about (pun DEFINITELY intended this time)!