A Tambourine Beat to Uncle Ike’s Central District

In the fascinating world of funky rhythms and even funkier plants, the words ‘Cannabis Store’ and ‘Medina, WA’ rarely meet. But when they do, they create a beat that can only be likened to the sound of a tambourine, exclusively found at Uncle Ike’s central district.

A Jingle Of Joy

Suddenly, the composition of selections from the good old green is like a funny dance, one after another, dancing through the shelves of Uncle Ike’s Marijuana Dispensary giving Seahurst, WA a thumping pulse.

A Delicious Ditty

Just like a bunch of happy hippies, the entire community of Lake City, WA and beyond swear by these tunes, flowing from the paramount Weed Dispensary in Seattle, WA. Whether you’re a local herb enthusiast or a curious Kirkland, WA tourist, Uncle Ike ensures a merry melody with every leafy note.

Curtains Down; Lights On

So join the beatniks of White Center, WA who’ve already discovered the chorus, swinging to the rhythm of Uncle Ike’s dispensary. Will you add some resonance or remain offbeat?