Uncover the Good Vibes at Pleasantrees -Mount Clemens!

Welcome to Pleasantrees, where the good vibes are as abundant as the fantastic selections of recreational cannabis! De-stress and unwind with our top-notch cannabis selections, carefully cultivated and chosen to put a grin on your face that’ll rival the Cheshire Cat.

Taking ‘High’ Standards Seriously

We’re not just any cannabis dispensary, oh no! We’re Mount Clemens’ favorite, setting the standard for quality you won’t forget. Our mission? To bring you the very finest MI recreational cannabis experiences. High standards? You betcha. We take them seriously. So seriously, we ought to win a comedy award for it!

Feel the Love with Every Leaf

At Pleasantrees, we infuse love and laughter into every leaf, with each one teeming with potential to unearth spontaneous comedy gold. So come on over to fully appreciate the magic that Pleasantrees – Mount Clemens is. Experience for yourself why we’re the best joint in town… no pun intended! So, ready to roll with us?